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RAX50 QOS Settings Won't Save is the Last Straw after R7000 Firmware Disaster


RAX50 QOS Settings Won't Save is the Last Straw after R7000 Firmware Disaster

NOTE: Skip to the last two paragraphs for my main issue with RAX50.


I've been a Netgear guy for decades, buying Netgear products for both home, work, and family and friends. I think I'm finally done.


I had an R7000 that was unused for several years and basically like new when I fired it up and attempted to update the firmware. I spent several workdays trying to find a stable firmware that patched some of the security flaws, only to find that pretty much everyone else with this router is having the same issue: either say downgraded and less secure, or update and have a nearly unusable router. I ended up just installing Fresh Tomato for stability.


Thinking maybe it was just time for something new, I purchased the RAX50 and was immediately turned off by the awkward and difficult process of setting it up on the Netgear app, which didn't work properly so I ended up clicking the somewhat hidden option to do the set up on my computer via the browser.


I spent about an hour setting up all my devices, cameras, etc, and switched on QOS. It rebooted and immediately throttled both my desktop and laptop. Additionally, none of my priority settings would save. I did some searching and found nothing about the RAX50 but did find that other Netgear routers have this problem. It was suggested to do a factory reset, enable QOS and update the tables right away, which I did. It still wouldn't save the priority changes. Occasionally a priority would save, but the wrong one. If I selected Highest, it would save as High. High would save as Normal. Some changes would never take. I tried 10 times to get it to save my desktop as anything other than Low, but it simply wouldn't. I tried changing the name, type, and everything else would save except the priority. I tried making a priority change then rebooting. Nope.


So the RAX50 goes back, and I'm done with Netgear. I posted this message, not to scare away other Netgear customers but as a courtesy to Netgear as a thank you for quality products prior to 2015+. Netgear, you need to hire new firmware devs and a new quality control team. There is no reason a customer should drop $300 on a router, waste hours of time setting everything up, only to discover the router doesn't function properly.

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Re: RAX50 QOS Settings Won't Save is the Last Straw after R7000 Firmware Disaster

Hello Cybernezer, 


Thanks for sharing your feedback. We'll have the information to our product teams for review. Please feel free to send me a private message with any additional information and/or if I can be of any assistance. I'd be happy to assist with any product related concerns.




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