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RAX50 Router Just Froze and Stopped Routing


RAX50 Router Just Froze and Stopped Routing

I experience a problem with my RAX50 router. The router "just stopped being reachable and routing". This symptom is that I could not reach the admin interface of the device on, and that traffic stopped routing to the internet. I was able to reach the gateway, which was on a different subnet (I have a double-NAT configuration) and the Internet ISP connect was up, as well as the EAX20 range extender. The wireless was still working and Wifi devices were connected. All the LED lights were on. It "just stopped routing". The problem was fixed with a hard power cycle of the device. This is the second time in two weeks that this problem has occured.


I am using Firmware Version V1.0.2.72_2.0.45. The hardware version is RAX50. The EAX20 range extender is setup to connect on the 5 GHz band only.


Honestly, super frustrated with my Netgear equipment. The performance is just fine, but the variety of issues that seem to be tied to DHCP and this IP routing problem are just infuriating.


Anyone have any experience with this?

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Re: RAX50 Router Just Froze and Stopped Routing

So you understand you have a double nat but then complain because of issues with dhcp and routing? 

Have you tried the RAX in access point mode to fix the double nat?

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Re: RAX50 Router Just Froze and Stopped Routing

I can do that. However, your comment doesn't really make sense given the symptoms. The router works perfectly fine in its configuration with double NAT. We are talking about the RAX50 becoming non-responsive to IP connectivity and routing, all of a sudden and intermittently. If the explanation is that there is a defect in the software which causes the device to exhibit this symptom, and it is tied to double-NAT, then sure. I would change the configuraiton. However, I am not "complaining about routing". I am remarking that the device ceases routing and being reachable intermittently.

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