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RAX50 Slow internet on devices connected to the ruter


RAX50 Slow internet on devices connected to the ruter



I have the router RAX50, it was working fine until last weekend, suddenly the internet was very slow (50 Mbps) my normal speed is 500 mbps, I rebooted the router and still no improvement, when I tested the speed inside the router in the settings Basic->QoS, I noticed the speed there was 510, then I rebooted again the router and tested the speed again in the mobile, laptop, etc all the devices connected to the router have speed around 50. As final solution I saved the router's configuration and erase the router (Revert to factory default settings) once the router was rebooted I restored the configuration, after that the speed was 510 inside the router and around 400 in the devices connected to the router, I considered the problem solved, but after that the same situation comes back every 2 or 3 days, and I have to do the same: erase and restore the router.


Hardware VersionRAX50
Firmware VersionV1.0.16.132_2.0.92
GUI Language VersionV1.0.16.132_2.1.46.1


Any suggestion?



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Re: RAX50 Slow internet on devices connected to the ruter

Try erase and instead of restoring the router, set up the router from scratch. 


What is the Mfr and model# of the Internet Service Providers modem/ONT the NG router is connected too?
Be sure your using a good quality LAN cable between the modem and router. CAT is recommended. 


What channel configurations are currently set on the router?

Smart Connect enabled or disabled? 

How is the Advanced WiFi settings configured? 

Beamforming and MIMO enabled? 


Any Wifi Neighbors near by? If so, how many?


Try disabling the following and see:
Armor, Smart Parental Controls or Circle, Traffic Meter.

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