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RAX50 VLAN issues


RAX50 VLAN issues

Currently, I am using R9000, and I bought RAX50 so that I can upgrade. When I tried to recreate my VLAN setup from R9000 to RAX50 it didn't work. I am using Pfsense firewall before the Netgear.


  1. RAX50 doesn't have VLAN 0 for internet port. R9000 has VLAN0
  2. Then I created VLAN 10 on my firewall and configured the internet port to VLAN 10, and assigned LAN1-4 and 5Ghz to it. The WAN port received the IP via DHCP, but LAN or 5Ghz won't obtain the IP from DHCP. It's a bizarre situation which I cannot solve

I also created a premium support ticket, but I think they didn't understand the whole problem.


R9000 settings


2020-11-15 02_30_45-NETGEAR Router R9000.png


RAX50 settings


2020-11-15 02_34_27-NETGEAR Router RAX50.png


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Re: RAX50 VLAN issues

Hello dibun,


If you recently purchased the device I would recommend contacting our support team as newly purchased devices are provided with 90 days of complimentary support. You may open a ticket by registering your device using the link below. 





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Re: RAX50 VLAN issues

I already did and now the case is with L1 support and they cannot solve it.

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