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RAX75 port forwarding not deleting successfully


RAX75 port forwarding not deleting successfully

NOTE: I chose the closest model it would let me.  I believe this one was actually from costco.


It's an RAX75 AX5700 according to the back of the device.


I had configured port forwarding for 3398 to a fixed IP behind my router.  We noticed that it was getting probed a lot from externally so I turned it off. 


It continued to be probed with the following log messages showing up in the router:

[LAN access from remote] from port 43281 to port 3389 Wednesday, Jun 02,2021 11:51:32

Most of the time the probes did not reach the computer at the receiving IP but sometimes they did and i my security software detected an invalid remote access attempt with a bad password.


Going back into the port forwarding settings there is no port forward showing for anything.

UPNP is off

When I try now to arbitrarily reassign the port forwarding to another address i get the following:


The specified port(s) are being used by other configurations. Please check your configurations of USB Readyshare, Remote Management, Port forwarding, Port Triggering, UPnP Port Mapping table, RIP, and Internet connection type


I then tried a full factory reset on the RAX75.  I was able to add and delete port forwarding for that port to a few arbitrary addresses.   I left it in a deleted state.  Went back to my logs an hour or two later and noticed probes to the last address I had created for the port forward, and I am again unable to add a new port forward  rule for that port receiving the above error message.


Firmware is the latest: V1.0.4.120_1.0.61


I am concerned about two things:


a) why are some of the probes still getting through even though the rule has been deleted.

b) why is the rule add being locked out?



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Re: RAX75 port forwarding not deleting successfully

Note I typo'd the original post the port I am working with to forward is RDP 3389 not 3398

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Re: RAX75 port forwarding not deleting successfully

note also that through searches I have found that multiple people have reported the same root issue as far back as 2014 on multiple routers.


Here is an example:




The resolution always seems to be nuclear factory reset. (Which i used twice now and the issue returns within a few hours)


I am unable to contact actual customer suport without buying upgraded customer support for a product that is less than six months old.  What a terrible customer experience.

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NETGEAR Employee Retired

Re: RAX75 port forwarding not deleting successfully

Hello ronrad,


I'd like to assist with our support team reaching out to you. May you send me a private message with your email address and serial number.




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Re: RAX75 port forwarding not deleting successfully

Hi Christian pm being sent.

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