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RAX80 Disney Circle setup


RAX80 Disney Circle setup

I have a RAX80 that I inheritted. I signed up for a Disney Circle trial. After the trial expired, I purchased it. Trying to attach it to my router. Firmware updated to current. Downloaded the app, went through the startup. Sees the router and states Circle is enabled. App won't see computers on the network and DNS no longer functional. Disable parental controls...back to normal. Tried the process all over again. No go. App says not compatible after it's already "linked" with my router. 


Called Netgear for support - Told can't help me because my father purchased the router and doesn't have the original receipt (not that I would think that matters). 


I am an IT tech and have loved Netgear for years but this situation is beyond frustrating. None of the articles linked to were helpful and I am not caught in an endless loop of trying to activate while my monthly subscription to circle is being wasted. I have tried to start from scratch several times to no avail. The only thing I've succesfully been able to do is manage their smart phones. 


Seriously, Is it really that hard to set Parental controls up so I can manage all the devices on my network???

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX80 Disney Circle setup

Hello DarrenHill007,


May you send me a private message with your contact info. I'll see if I can get your issue escalated.




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