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RAX80 - Is anyone actually using it without issue?


RAX80 - Is anyone actually using it without issue?

I purchased this on sale @ Best Buy a couple of weeks ago becuase I read several good reviews online. Unfortunately, I didn't check the forums first. I haven't been able to set it up just yet as I'm in the process of moving. 


Is it truly as bad as all of the topics on the forum make it out to be? It's almost as if the router doens't even work at all based on what I'm reading. Constant dropped connections, slow speeds, compatiability issues, etc. I'm tryign to prepare myself for the troubleshooting nightmare it sounds like it's going to be once I get it all setup. 

Is anyone actually using it without issue? 

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX80 - Is anyone actually using it without issue?

Thats the problem with support forums, the vast majority of the posts are from people that DO have issues.  Its the whole purpost of the support community. Yes, there are issues but most people aren't having them.

Easiest way to see how a product is performing is to read some product reviews from product review websites or amazon. It gives you a vast sampling of reviews. 

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Re: RAX80 - Is anyone actually using it without issue?

Absolutely agree with plemans...  And when you check Amazon reviews, make sure you filter for the correct model.  For RAX80 right now it shows 12,000+ ratings when you first pull up the product, but only about 500 when you filter the ratings to the actual RAX80.


And yes, I have used the RAX 80 since May 2019, no issues...

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Re: RAX80 - Is anyone actually using it without issue?

Been using the RAX80 for about three months with no issues. Insanely fast with good range.

Just got an iPhone 11 with ax WiFi and it works fantastic.

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