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Re: RAX80 Issues Getting Worse


RAX80 Issues Getting Worse

I purchased the RAX80 in March.  I called tech support becuae the router keeps having issues.  The firmware is current.  My in ternet provider checked my fiber and it is fine.  My devices keep dropping out.  I turned off the smart connect feature.  That helped some.  This moring the wifi just quit working.  After hours of trouble shooting it came back on.  But, this is a recurring theme.  I purchaed this item new for $400.


Now I am already looking at replacing this router.  I thought it would help, but it has actually had more issues than my older router.  


Half the time my Nighthawk App cannot even detect the router.  This seems to be a technical issue.  But, Netgear says it only covers hardware for a year.   I am frustrated that the issues have not been resolved with firmware updates.  In Fact, most firmaware updates seem to bring newer, more complicated issues.  

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX80 Issues Getting Worse

Hello semerine,


May you provide the firmware version your RAX80 is currently on.



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