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Re: RAX80



Hello, I purchase the RAX about 3 weeks ago and been having issues with it since. First off whenI updated the firmware to the latest one, the connection constantly drop. It does work for the first couple of hours, then the wifi just stop working. When you try to reconnect to it, I get error message saying password in correct. After searching the forum, I found that .40 firmware is the most stable firmware, which i downgraded the router to. It was working for about 3 weeks, hoping it would stay stable. Well, today the router decided to act up just like when I first got it. I look at the long and nothing seem out of ordinary, I had to restart the router to get it back up again. I am about to return this router tomorrow, giving the router a chance tonight. 


My question to the tech/devs, are you guys still working on the firmware for this router? Because if the router can't be fix with firmware, I'm going to consider this product as defective and return it. I am about to jump ship over to Asus Au880 instead. 

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX80

Same problems many users are having.

Wifi basically doesnt work.


Theres a comment in this thread that the "engineering team" are aware of issues but no confirmation of which issues or a timeline for a resolution.

However, given how long its taken for anyone to acknoweldge there is even a problem Id assume it wont be quick.




If you have the chance to return it, I would.

I have started a service request with the company I bought it from to refund me even though I am missing the box based on the grounds that it isnt suitable for purpose.


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