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RAXE300 WiFi 6E Router - Web Page Management - Sorting Attached Devices Page


RAXE300 WiFi 6E Router - Web Page Management - Sorting Attached Devices Page

Router Firmware Version V1.0.5.56_1 does not allow me to sort the results of attached devices. The web app for my old Netgear R6400v2 router allowed me to change the sort order by clicking on the headers. I could sort by assigned IP address or by MAC addresses. This made it easy for me to find which devices were actually connected to my LAN. This version also does not always list ALL of the devices that are actually connected. I have to log on to one of my remote access points to get the full list of attached devices. (I am using an old WNDR3700v3 router as a remote access point. It lists all of the connected devices even the ones that the AXE7800 does not list.) I am running a mixed network. I have some 802.11N devices, some 802.11AC devices and some 802.11AX(E) devices.  I am using 2.4G, 5G and 6G frequency bands.  I have the AXE7800 router at one end of my home and the WNDR3700v3 at the opposite end. I also have a Netgear WAC104 dual band access point located in my basement that is below ground level. All radios are set on different channels so that they do not interfere with each other. All SSIDs are different but they all use a common pass phrase. (I added a suffix of east, west or south plus the frequency band: xxxhome-2pt4GW, xxxhome-2pt4GE, xxxhome-2pt4GS, xxxhome-5GE, xxxhome-5GW, xxxhome-5GS, xxxhome-6GW.) Currently the WNDR3700v3 is indicating that I have 26 devices connected. (Only 1 device is connected through the WNDR3700v3.) The WAC104 access point only has 1 device (a printer) connected to it. The AXE7800 is not listing the device that is connected to the WAC104. The AXE7800 has 7 devices connected via 2.4Ghz. (These are low priority devices like timer switches and a thermostat.) The bulk of my devices are using 1Gigabit ethernet through 1Gigabit switches that are connected directly to the AXE7800. The AXE7800 is the only device that is assigning IP4 addresses. It is also connected to a Motorola MB6800 cable modem that gives it access to the world wide web.  My private network is working great.  I am getting over my subscribed internet speed on both the 5G and 6G WiFi bands at all locations within my ranch style home. (I had to replace the R6400v2 because its 5G band started working at only 802.11A protocol speeds.) 

I manually set up my AXE7800 router with the web page interface.  It does not use the factory settings for IP address ranges and I do reserve some IP addresses for static addressed devices. (I want to know what the addresses are of the access points and some VOIP adapters for my home phone system.) I set the DHCP server to assign new IP addresses above and below my reserved IP addresses.

Is there a way to sort the attached devices results on the AXE7800 that I do not know about?  Is there another app that can be used that does not automatically sign you up for spam?

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