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RAXE500 How to access ALL settings on a PC???


RAXE500 How to access ALL settings on a PC???

I jsut got this outragiously expencive router in the mail today.  Aftter logging in, I find there is almost no information or settings in the standard GUI.  I couldn't even find the Anti-virus (Armor) settings.  Is there something I did wrong or am missing something?  Is there a reason this GUI is almost too terse to use???

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Re: RAXE500 How to access ALL settings on a PC???

You're logging in through the browser?

have that router and it has all the same standard settings netgear has on their other routers. 

What are you actually seeing? 

Have you tried a different browser/pc?

Current setup: CM2000-> RBKE963B-> Trendnet TEG-S380-> GS716T-> pi-hole
also in AP setup: RAXE500->EAX80
1.4gig download/50mbps upload from Xfinity
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Re: RAXE500 How to access ALL settings on a PC???

I figured it out.  They are just not there.  It's really clear that the WebGUI was an afterthought.  It doesn't even have any background.  There are settings in the app that are not in the WebGUI, like the Armor settings (the WebGUI shoed it active, but wouldn't let you interact with it, whereas you could interact with it in the phone app).  


It may be a fantastic router, but the interface is just so bad that it's really not worth the money.  If you simply compaired it to the Asus AX11000 (the router it would have been replacing) you'd see a tremendous difference in quality and function.


For me, I needed all of the tools in the WebGUI, not on the phone.  Things like the Antivirus and Firewalls were terse and some controls obfuscated.  Even compairing the phone app and the WebGUI shows more of an interest in the phone that the traditional ways of interfacing with networking tools.  Besides, linking your phone tags your phone to all traffic on that router; which is a huge privacay issue.


I've also noticed that Netgear is trying to trick users into moving to a subscription service for network managing.  This push to subscribe to Insight is awful!  The fact that I had to look up how to setup the router manually (without the phone) should have tipped me off.  It's usually printed on the bottom of the router.


I've been a fan of their enterprise stuff for decades and own a lot of that.  Having just bought a WAX610 and seeing, again, this push to subscription services, and app based setups creates inherent network security and privacy issues involved; having me completely rethinking my relationships with netgear.

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Re: RAXE500 How to access ALL settings on a PC???

I wasn't specific to your question.. sorry.. I was using, the traditional way to enter a Router's WebGUI.  When that failed to get to the tools I wanted I begrugenly used the phone app.  When I saw the disparity in controls and functionality, as well as the huge push for subsctiotion management, I packed it all up and called for an RMA,  What I have seen is not what a $600 router should look like.  For a better example, google images of Asus's Ax11000 or AXE11000 (this one's direct competitor).  The difference makes it clear that Netgear is moving to phone and subscription based management of their networking products, having completely failed to even write a basic WebGUI.  I need my network independant of my phones and other things and I need all of the functions available to me to use rather than obfuscated in a terse black and white screen. 

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Re: RAXE500 How to access ALL settings on a PC???

I'm completing all my config in the browser....just like prior Netgear router versions. Dated interface yes, it works though
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