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回复: RAXE500 Overriding my Static IP Addresses.


RAXE500 Overriding my Static IP Addresses.

I have a RAXE500 Router. I have several devices on my network that have a static ip address. IE and are wired.  Lets say for example I reboot my router for whatever reason. My router will sometimes assign any of my other devices that are set up as a dynamic ip and get their ip address from the router. So my router will just assign another device that ip. And not matter how many times I reboot the router will just not correct itself. So the device with the static ip will not work. I have no idea how to stop this from happening.   I turn off the device that it assigns the ip to then reboot and it will be ok. Then if a reboot happens it may do it to another device on the network that is set up as static.  Any ideas how to fix it?

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回复: RAXE500 Overriding my Static IP Addresses.

Hi @SniperStorm ,

What is your wire device ? PC or NAS ?
Sometime device won't respond ARP so cause this issue happened. 

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回复: RAXE500 Overriding my Static IP Addresses.

Or you can use DHCP reservation function.

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回复: RAXE500 Overriding my Static IP Addresses.

I'll echo what @CD_router_888 said and say use the reservation function. 

I've been using it on my RAXE and its worked fine for address reservations. 

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