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RMA Status? Ongoing issue with no resolve


RMA Status? Ongoing issue with no resolve



I have been dealing with Netgear for the past 5 days with absolutely no resolution. 

I received an RMA unit that worked awesomely for about 2 - 3 days, then became bricked. Did all the troubleshooting possible and determined it needed to be replaced. 

Mind you, this is the 3rd RMA we're going into now for this same model of unit within a month's time. So naturally I am more than allowed to be fed up at this point at the level of service i've been getting. 


I submitted an RMA through the special link an advisor sent me. 

I filled out all the details the RMA required in order for me to get it Next Business Day.

I submitted my credit card details for the 30 dollar charge, and it charged me! but I never got a confirmation of the payment being received or an RMA Confirmation email. 


I am very familiar with the RMA process and never seen anything quite like this. 


Fast fowarding to the 14th of April -- 

I spoke to 2 supervisors, who saw the RMA with no issue but couldn't explain why it hadn't been processed (as i paid next business day and it had been several days already)

They submitted a ticket to get this cancelled + refunded and one of the supervisors proceeded to submit ANOTHER RMA

stated he would escalate it and message the warehouse and all of these people. 

THROUGHOUT, I have been checking the RMA status and it has consistently said that It was processing but never showing any further update. 


Now it is showing EXPORTED but I have no idea what that means. All I care about is that it is still not showing as shipped!!! This is day 2 of that RMA now, and every advisor i speak to on the phone can't seem to understand the level or urgency with this RMA as I've been dealing with this for far too many days and using my mobile hotspot for home! 


Someone please help me... 3550257




Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RMA Status? Ongoing issue with no resolve

Hello Mask0mimi, 


Welcome to the community! I'd like to see if our support team was able to follow up with you regarding your RMA. 



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