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Rax50 ax5400 upnp port forwarding/vpn question


Rax50 ax5400 upnp port forwarding/vpn question

This is the third attempt at this message, which never shows under new message. Hoping this one does!


I have a nighthawk RRAX50 connected to fiber internet. The fiber comes into a box for conversion to cat which goes to my RAX50. The box resembles a router and has several cat connectors but there is no way to access it.


Everything works but am not sure of the following.  I have a Synology DS920 disk station connected to the RAX50 router. When setting up various features on my NAS, it has the ability to set the routers port forwarding via UPNP.


In My RAX50 on the UPNP page it shows the ports it's supposedly forwarding, however, if I look in the port forwarding menu of the rax50, nothing is there. Is this normal and used for adding ports manually? Also, I have a VPN app setup on my nas which is working. Is the VPN on the RAX50 for something else? TIA!

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