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Rax70 cant revoke or manage vpn certificates


Rax70 cant revoke or manage vpn certificates

I've got an RAX70 and I'm really disappointed by the VPN Service implementation. I'm shocked that you can't revoke certificates, see a list of issued certificates (clients) or password protect them.

Will this ever be fixed? I've found forums threads asking for it to be fixed with other models since 2016 (I'm sure longer if I looked).

I'm impressed with the routers transfer speed but if there isn't a reasonable solution then I'm likely to return the router.
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Re: Rax70 cant revoke or manage vpn certificates

vpn implementation is poor. I would not use it for the following reasons


1. The credentials are provided with no configuration or explaination. Its possible that netgear have provided a single config file for all of its routers - there is no explaination of the config in the manual at all

2. As with your point, there is as far as I can see no way to revoke or replace credentials which means that if they were leaked for any reason, you could no longer safely use the VPN

3. No obvious way to configure for multiple users beyond sharing the single config file which is easily compromised which makes the vpn useless


I am happy enough with the router, but would strongly recommend against using the vpn function for the above reason

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