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ReadyShare Prompts for Credentials


ReadyShare Prompts for Credentials

I recently procured a large capacity USB drive and attached it to my router (RAX75). When I navigated to \\ReadyShare I was prompted to enter credentials. I reviewed the router's manual and it made no reference to credentials with regard to \\ReadyShare.I searched for information on this forum and found there were many instances where people encountered the same issue. Many of the suggestions given on how to resolve the issue did not work.


However, I believe I have stumbled upon the best solution. When prompted for credentials, enter "ReadyShare\admin" for the userid and the admin password. Once I entered these credentials, everything worked as expected.


I tried this once I realized that ReadyShare is essentially the name of the host (i.e., the router) with the USB drive attached and that by specifying the host name as part of the userid, I could login as a local user on the router.


Best Regards.

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