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Re: Router Rebooting


Router Rebooting

Hello All,

 So my 11 day old router just started last night doing reboots on its own. got on a support call, checked the firmware, did a factory reset, we even moved the power cord from a UPS to a wall plug and yet still I'm getting reboots to the router ever 5 - 10 mins. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this or should i just give up on netgear.

Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Router Rebooting

Hello deepsouth06,


Has our support team been able to follow up with? 




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Re: Router Rebooting

I bought a RAX102v2 and shortly after I bought the router I was experiencing the similar problem.  Opened a couple of tickets with support, with no resolution to the router initializing or rebooting.

Issue:  Router randomly performs an initialization

Firmware V1.2.0.16



  • Fully reset, clear, update firmware from PC directly connected to router.  Manually entered the configuration.  Did not upload a saved config.  No change
  • Modified the MTU to 1492 (from 1500) – No Change
  • Disabled AX – No Change
  • Changed Wireless from Auto to settings provided by tech.  No Change
    • 2.4 Ghz to 11 (previously Auto)
    • 5 Ghx to 161 (previously 153)
  • I had the power supply connected to an APC Smart 1500 UPS.  Asked to move to a different outlet.  Did so, no change
  • Changed the DNS from my ISP to Google’s DNS; and  No Change
  • Removed devices connected to the ethernet ports.
  • Changed cables and the ethernet cable between the router and modem.  No Change.


I thought that the router may be experiencing an exploit from a hacker who is able to reset the router. So, I disconnected the internet connection.  No Change


My network is simple. Approximately 30 devices connected: Three Amazon devices, two TV’s, Water sprinkler, two thermostats plus others passive devices.  Computers, two normal computers, no gaming.  Other devices, iPhones and iPads.  Nothing spectacular.  The Modem, NetGear


Thought it may be a heat problem.  Added a small fan to help with cooling.  Also looked into the router and set the internal fan to constant on -  No change.  Also the fan resets back to auto when the router initializes.


From the debug info.. Also captured the following.  Network Session Total seems maxed.

Basic Information


CPU Load



Memory Usage(Used/Total)



Flash Usage(Used/Total)



Network Session(Active/Total)



I have not tried to adjust the following parameters in the debug menu

2.4GHz Beacon Interval      ms(20-100)
2.4GHz DTIM      (1-255)
5GHz Beacon Interval      ms(20-100)
5GHz DTIM      (1-255)


Since I bought the router at Best Buy, I took the pages of notes from the ticket to the Geek Squad.  Looked for any recommendations. Since NetGear technical support’s recommendations failed to resolve and it seemed that their only solution was to reflash the firmware and start from scratch, which did not seem to resolve my problem. The Geek Squad replaced the router with the exact same router and will send the router back to NetGear. 


Well, the second router is doing the exact same thing. If it is my fault, glad to admit but I cannot find why this router would reboot. 


I previously had a Motorola router, which was slow and I wanted something with better performance which the RAX120 seems to fit the bill.


Any suggestions welcome.

Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: Router Rebooting

Well i endedup switching over to Linksys. Support did all they could but it wasnt much, as thier best option was to try another routher.


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