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Spyware/malware protection from Netgear


Spyware/malware protection from Netgear

I bought this router in 2020 for home wi-fi.  We do work and school from home + casual usage.  Connected devices are all iOS/Apple (laptops, iMac, and phones).  I don't recall also buying any kind of annual fee/ongoing service from Netgear that provides anti- spyware/malware protection, but does it? I have the app to manage the router and it refers to "Bitdefender" -- does that provide such protection, and should I go around and download this to all the devices, even the phones?  Or should I buy some non-Netgear product that does this and, if so, what do people recommend?  Goal is to have reasonably secure home computing (including purchasing stuff online etc.)  Thank you all!!

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