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Streaming The Big Game in 4K UHD!

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Streaming The Big Game in 4K UHD!

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The Big Game is quickly approaching and for the first time ever, it will be broadcasted in 4K Ultra HD! With more pixels, improved color, and better contrast, your viewing experience is about to change. While you may be occupied with deciding what food and beverages to have during your party, to fully take advantage of this new viewing experience, look no further than the existing set up.


CHP_EVENT_SUPERBOWL_2020-1-29_INLINE2.jpgWhether you’re planning to splurge on a new TV before the Big Game, or you’ve prepared for this day in advance during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the holidays, the best viewing experience obviously will be with a 4K UHD TV. If you’re planning to stream The Big Game in 4K Ultra HD with HDR, you’ll need a streaming device capable of supporting 4K content, like Roku, Amazon FireTV 4k, and AppleTV 4K. For streaming, it’s also recommended that you have a high-speed internet connection of at least 25Mbps or higher.


While you may be checking off those boxes, you may not totally be out of the clear. What often gets overlooked is the actual network that will be supporting your stream. Think to yourself; when was the last time you upgraded your WiFi router? Is your network truly capable of letting you stream 4K UHD without buffering or poor streaming quality? If it’s been a while since you’ve last upgraded your router, you’ll definitely want to consider it. After all, do you really want to miss that big play that changes the course of the game because your stream is buffering, or because the picture is so pixelated you can’t make anything out on screen?


CHP_EVENT_SUPERBOWL_2020-1-29_INLINE3.jpgNETGEAR’s lineup of Nighthawk WiFi 6 routers and Orbi WiFi 6 mesh systems are designed to meet the demands of 4K Ultra HD streaming. With more WiFi streams (up to 12) and support of up to 6Gbps speeds, data to and from devices increases and more bandwidth becomes available, providing a more efficient and faster network. By improving connected capacity on your network, not only will you get the performance needed to support 4K streaming, you’ll be able to support all of your existing connected devices, as well as all of the devices entering your home this Super Sunday.


Upgrading your network in time for the Big Game seems to be the perfect play call for a successful viewing party. Not only will you get all the benefits during game day with great streaming quality, but you’ll also get to prepare your network for the future!


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Re: Streaming The Big Game in 4K UHD!

Does a smart TV have to support WiFi 6 to take full advantage of 6 capabilities? Will and 4K HD smart TV fully utilize WiFi 6 when streaming?
Model: AC2100|Nighthawk AC2100 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Streaming The Big Game in 4K UHD!

Hi Jeff1379, 


A smart TV does not require the need to support WiFi 6. However, having a WiFi 6 router helps optimize your TV's streaming performance due to the fact that a WiFi 6 router is projected to help traffic congestion within your WiFi network. Therefore, you'll be able to stream in 4K UHD without any buffering/lag.




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