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Using AC1200 Smart WiFi Router without Internet


Using AC1200 Smart WiFi Router without Internet

I recently purchased the AC1200 Smart WiFi Router to be used with a soundboard.  It will be completely independent of the internet.  I have not been successful accessing the router in order to configure it.  Is it possible to configure and use this router without having access to the internet?





Model: R6230|AC1200 Smart WiFi Router Dual Band Gigabit
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Re: Using AC1200 Smart WiFi Router without Internet

You're using the R6230??

Yes you should be able to access and use it independant of the internet. I can't tell you 100% if you can use the app but you can connect to the wireless or hardwire into it and set it up. Or you should be able to. 

How are you attempting to access it? 

One thing to try is that if it was used/returned it might have some settings already on it. I'd try pushing the reset button for 7-10 seconds to get it back to stock. From there either use an ethernet connection in the lan port or connect to the factory wireless. you should then be able to go to routerlogin.net or default

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