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VPN access, but not all Internet is passing through


VPN access, but not all Internet is passing through



My current router is a Netgear RAXE500.


I have VPN turned on and using OpenVPN to connect.  I have successfully connected to my home network using the VPN from work.  I am able to launch Gmail, which was blocked at my work.  I can access my home network drives while I am at work (connected to the VPN).


The only issue I have is when I try to connect to my Qnap NAS via myqnapcloud.com, I still get a "web page blocked" message telling me that its blocked.  Why is it not going through my VPN?  On the flip side, when I navigate to the NAS via IP, it goes through except its unsecure.


Any help appreciated.

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Re: VPN access, but not all Internet is passing through

How is your VPN client configured?

Also do you have the VPN set to  "All sites on the internet & Home Network"?

If not, set it to that and generate a new config file.


As for the client device, some may enforce a different DNS server, and that can cause certain URLs to fail since the request will go out to the WAN rather than a local DNS server.


In some cases, if the OpenVPN client is not handling DNS correctly, you may need to manually specify one in the client config file by adding a line such as

dhcp-option DNS X.X.X.X

Where the specify an IP address (replacing those Xs) for a local DNS server on the home network that will handle those URLs properly.


As for untrusted connections, most NAS devices uses a self signed certificate for the HTTPS web UI, thus they will give an error like that.

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Re: VPN access, but not all Internet is passing through

I do have "All sites on the internet & Home Network" selected.


I added my DNS (dhcp-option DNS X.X.X.X) into my OpenVPN configurations, this time instead of telling me that the web page is blocked, I now get "This site can't be reached".


I still can access it via IP address though.

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