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WPA2-Personal[AES] + WPA3 Personal Question


WPA2-Personal[AES] + WPA3 Personal Question

Does anyone know what the WPA2-Personal[AES] + WPA3 Personal wireless security option is used for?  WPA2 clients do not recongnize the WPA2 portion of this mixed protocol.  Thank you.

Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: WPA2-Personal[AES] + WPA3 Personal Question

It’s meant to allow fallback to WPA2 for clients that don’t support WPA3.

It works fine for the most part for me but some devices like the older Apple devices like the iPhone 5. and iPad Air (2014) have issues with it along with some newer devices like Oppo One Plus 5 & 6. iPhone 6 and newer seem to work fine and even some really old devices like our Ooma also had no issues.

Until I had guests over with these devices I didn’t know this issue was there. If you are running into issues just use WPA2 only. I did file a report regarding this but after my relatives left I didn’t really have anymore problematic devices to test with.
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