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ac1750 already registered


ac1750 already registered

my product is AC1750

submitted a query last week ...about my product already registered so i cant add it to my account...no big deal...but i thought id see if i could, its not the end of the world if i cant...well today netgear wrote an email to me asking whats going on with the case?

not really sure if your departments talk to each other...? ? ? 

would love it to be dealt with...

cant get support from the website all that happens is a loop when you hit one link it takes you to another page then when you hit the support link it takes you right back to where you started....

Smiley Frustrated

Model: A7000|Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi USB Adapter - USB 3.0
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Re: ac1750 already registered


@jgd2302 wrote:

my product is AC1750


Probably not. AC1750 is not a reliable guide to model number. Many devices come with an AC tag, but it is essentially a label that Netgear, and other brands, attach to hardware to describe wifi speeds.


Your footer says "A7000|Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi USB Adapter - USB 3.0". I guess you just picked the first thing you could find.


Look on the label on the thing to get the model number.


model number


As to getting support, try this place.


If your question is about registering your device, you have a couple of options, try to find a local contact number (it exists in some countries but may be well hidden) or send a private message to one of the Netgear moderators here.


If you are really lucky, someone like @Christian_R, @ChristineT or @DexterJB will step in.


They will probably ask you to send a private message with the serial number and the email address of your MyNetgear account.

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