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cm1200 and rax80 for xbox one x


cm1200 and rax80 for xbox one x

im at a lost and looking for hope, i have the cm1200 modem with the rax80.

how does one set up 2 xbox one x, same house both hard wired thru router ,to where father and son can get indivdual ports to play with full power and not have moderate or a srtict nat? geek squad can sell it but have no clue on the issue

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: cm1200 and rax80 for xbox one x

The cm1200 has 4 ports on it. 

For the average user though, only 1 port is worth hooking up. 

here's why. 

ports 1-2 can be used for port aggregation. Which has had stability issues with most manufacturer's. Unless you have speeds >1gig, i'd avoid. 

ports 3-4 can only be used if your isp allows multiple public ip addresses. Most don't. Its rare to find. 

so the average consumer is only going to use port 1. 

which is why I usually recommend the cm1000 or cm1100 for most. 

are you going cm1200------->RAX-------xbox's?

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