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Re: forgot my admin password


forgot my admin password

I have an RAX50 and forgot my admin password, actually fat fingered it 4 months ago when I set it up.

I can't get to the recommended login web page and changed phones in the meantime, yuup the app did not transfer either. That's what I get for going from Android to Apple.

Can anyone help me out here?

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Re: forgot my admin password

Hello. If you forgot your password, you can run thru the security questions you created during the first setup. However, if you are unable to remember the answers, you can always do a pin hole reset on the back of the device. Then you can use the IOS or Android app and do another install. The only down side to that is if you labeled devices and didn't back them up, you would need to relabel them. 


If you decide on the pin hole reset, let the unit be powered on and press and hold the reset button for 30-45 seconds. Once that is done, I find it best to do a power cycle on the unit and once fully powered on, start the onabord process again. 

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