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nighthawk r6900 latest firmware breaks octoprint


nighthawk r6900 latest firmware breaks octoprint

So, I upgrade to the latest software on 5/3/20 like a good boy and then both of my octoprint instances on 2 raspberry pi's on 2.4 ghz band broke . 

Octoprint   is a browser app that sends data wirelessly through a browser interrface to the rasp pi.  I can see these devices under attached devices in the netgear browser app  before the upgrade in firmware,   Then after,  One rasp pi doesn't show up at all the other doesn't work when sending from cura 4.6.1 to octoprint wirelessly.  


Then, it occurs to me the last thing I did was upgrade firmware on the Nighthawk r6900, I then went back 2 firmware versions and reverted and everything came back.  I can now use both of my octoprint instances to control my 3d printers.   I now am concerned about ever upgrading the nighthawk firware since I use these 3d printers on octoprint EVERY day.  


No idea why this happened. 


I am on a pc 

Model: R6900P|Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router
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