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RS700 5ghz AX Performance? Streams? Range?


RS700 5ghz AX Performance? Streams? Range?

I have a RAX 120 WiFi 6 AX router. It’s been solid for me. Sits in the garage and the 5ghz band goes through a wall and 30’ to my PS5. Signal strength is 3/3, but sometimes 2. Ping is low. Running at 120hz refresh game speed.

Are the new antennas on the RS700 better? Any chance I would get a constant 3 bars? Also, we have a lot of streamers in the house. The RAX 120 says 12 radio streams which I interpret as better for active connections for people with lots of streamers in their house. Compared to say 8 streams. Does the RS700 advertise its streams?

I’ve thought about the new Orbi, but better range… but where my PS5 sits, I can’t squeeze one of those big units in the cabinet. Also not sure if would much.

Also, pretty sure we will see a new Netgear model soon, to compete with the Asus quad band. So I’m patiently waiting and trying to decide if my wifi 6 devices will benefit.
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Re: RS700 5ghz AX Performance? Streams? Range?

Regulations are dictating the power a wireless access point (and the associated client) can reach, and all modern wireless stations are defined to operate near to these limits.


Garage. Hmmmm. Do you need the best possible Wi-Fi coverage for your car, the lawn mower, or for the rest of the house? Consider to re-locate the router to a position where you really need the best Wi-Fi performance and quality.


These magic throughput numbers of the modern access points (routers, Mesh systems main device, ...) are coming from higher bandwidth (up to 160 MHz on the 5 GHz band, and up to 320 MHz on the 6 GHz band). Where the higher frequencies are prone to higher physical attenuation. 


Face it: Wireless does only perform in free open space. Not through any walls, not in cabinets. Not a secret: Wi-Fi performs best if you bring fast network connections to the access point. Your existing Wi-Fi 6 client can take the most profit from a carefully planned, distributed wireless access point infrastructure, feed by at least 2.5 GbE, ideally 10 GbE - technology.


Speaking of streams? Wi-Fi 6 APs have continued to increase the number of antennas and improve spatial multiplexing capabilities. From Wi-Fi 6 with 8 spatial streams, Wi-Fi 7 increased the number of spatial streams to 16. The theoretical physical transmission rate is thus doubled compared with Wi-Fi 6. With Wi-Fi 7 16 streams, every device has enough bandwidth to run smoothly. Updating to a Wi-Fi 7 router does not magically fix the design limitations of Wi-Fi 6 or 5. However, it's certainly a good plan.


I don't know what you have in mind when talking about Asus quad band or what new Netgear models you expect to come that soon-


Ready to run?


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Re: RS700 5ghz AX Performance? Streams? Range?

Thanks for the thoughtful response. Wifi lawnmower 🙂

Yeah I was afraid of that. Begrudgingly, I know I need to move it. It’s just not that simple. There’s a coax in my family room but the problem is that it’s a built-in cabinet with doors. It has walls on 3 sides. My PS5 would be hard-wired but wireless would be worst for the house.

But… sitting here looking at it, maybe if I put a mesh satellite in the kitchen on top of the kitchen cabinets, it has line of sight to the PS5 cabinet….and the satellite can handle the home WiFi… yeah… maybe…
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