Re: LBR20 replacing RBR50?


LBR20 replacing RBR50?

Currently, I have an Orbi RBR50 router with a Huawei B621 modem feeding the 4G/LTE internet signal to it (we also have a cell signal booster and outside antenna, we live in a rural area). I noticed the Orbi LBR20 4G LTE Modem/Router and thought about replacing both the RBR50 router / Huawei Modem with LBR20. Does anyone see any negatives to doing this? It would be nice to consolidate the Modem and Router into one unit as long as there is no loss in performance. FYI, I also have 2 satellites (RBS50 and RBS40V). Thanks for any input.
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Re: LBR20 replacing RBR50?

I never got a response but I went ahead and got an LBR20 and replaced my RBR50. I have not noticed any decline in performance and have seen a decrease in random disconnects possibly due to an improved LTE modem in the LBR20 as compared to the unit I had connected to the RBR50 (Huaweii B612). So far I love the LBR20!

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Re: LBR20 replacing RBR50?

I just replaced my RBR50 with the LBR20.  I didn't even think about looking for a cable modem with built in LTE failover capabilities, but the LBR connected with the RBS50 with little issue.  Used the LTE setup wizard and the tmobile SIM started working out of the box.

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