Blocked device gets unblocked


Blocked device gets unblocked


I have a RBK50 router, I am using Genie/Web interface with Access control turned on. I successfully blocked my kid’s devices from accessing the network. But he changes his device’s MAC address and joins back to the network successfully. The device he has is from his institution, I don’t have control to make him non-admin user/or anything else. Is there a way to block his device using his device name or something like that?


Under Access Control:

When I block his device:

Status       Device Name                    IP Address               MAC Address               Connection Type

Blocked     DESKTOP-7C772NB              66:67:67:66:73:42          5G


When he joins back:

Status       Device Name                    IP Address                 MAC Address               Connection Type

Allowed      DESKTOP-7C772NB               65:63:37:67:a3:32          5G



Please note that the MAC Address is different, so he could join back the network and access the internet.


Thanks for your help.

Model: RBK53|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi System
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Re: Blocked device gets unblocked

so cheat. 

If you go through access control, there's an option to block all new devices from conneting. New devices have to have someone go in and allow them to work. One way around him changing the mac address blocking. 

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