Device history


Device history

I would like to be able to see the history of the devices that connect to my Orbi AX4200 (RBK753) and be able to delete that history.  Right now, I only get an alert when a new device connects to the system, but once connected, I don't get notified again.  Currently, there is only the ability to see the current devices connected to the network.


As an alternative, I would like to be able to set "home" devices that don't trigger alerts, but get alerted any time a non-home device connects to my network.


There are a few documents I have found referencing clicking on Parental Controls within the Orbi app, but my app doesn't have that option (most have replies from Netgear saying Parental Controls are coming in a future firmware update).

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Re: Device history

Hi Tommy _Blues,


Thank you for your interest in this feature. We recommend posting your suggestion on our Idea Exchange board. Our Product Managers review the board for great ideas to be implemented in future releases. Link is



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