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Re: Is Netgear down?


Is Netgear down?

I am unable to login to my Netgear Orbi app and when I try the web login, the login page won't load completely so I can't login to check my router. My connections are fine and all seems well I just can't get into my router.


RBK753 (RBR 750 and two, RBS 750's).

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Re: Is Netgear down?

Netgear seems to think that everything is operational: https://status.netgear.com/ 


Yes, the Orbi 'app' does function by connecting either (a) to the router using the Orbi LAN, or (b) to the router using the Netgear "cloud".


The Orbi web interface does not require anything to be "up" besides the router.


Please explain more about:

@Phyber wrote:

when I try the web login, the login page won't load completely

Does the authentication box show up where you enter the user name "admin" and web password?

How much of the Orbi web interface loads before stopping?  (perhaps post a screen shot?)

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Re: Is Netgear down?

I haven't checked this morning yet but what happened was this:


Using the Orbi iOS app on my iPhone or iPad, it keeps asking for my login info and when I submit it, I get the error message saying something has gone wrong, try again.


When I went to web interface and typed in 192.xxx.xxx, the status bar for loading stops at half way and it wouldn't take my creds with either Safari or Firefox.


However, the router works because we have no internet issues, hard wired or WiFi.


Most strange.

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Re: Is Netgear down?

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Re: Is Netgear down?

So, the Orbi web interface displayed the authentication box asking for user name and password, but then did not accept what you entered?


On the web interface, the user name is always "admin" and the password is whatever was set when the router was first configured. (It came out of the box set to "password" and Netgear forces users to change it.)


The Orbi 'app' uses the Netgear account credentials, usually an email address and password. In addition, there are times when the 'app' requires users to enter the "admin"/password credentials.  It is all very confusing.

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