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My Netgear account - cannot reset

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My Netgear account - cannot reset

I created a netgear account with my gmail address and registered my orbi router.  Hadn't used the app for a while for remote managment but it worked when I set it up initially.  I go to use it today and it prompts me to log in so I try to log in with my gmail and password and it says the password is incorrect. I click on reset password and it confirms email has been sent to my gmail but nothing arrives anywhere not even junk mail.  I create a new account with my hotmail and log in with that.  I try to enable remote managment and it says I can't do that because the device is already registered with an other account (the gmail account of course which I cannot reset the password).  I try forgot my password with my hotmail and I receive the reset PW email, I try it again with my gmail and no email.  I try sending myself an email to my gmail and it is received fine.  There is no phone number to call to get support for this so no clue how to reset my gmail account password.  Completly stuck, cannot unregister my device from gmail even if I wanted to use ith with my hotmail account that I created.  This is supid.  Anybody have ideas?

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Re: My Netgear account - cannot reset

Just used the "Forget Password" via my.netgear.com -> https://www.netgear.com/mynetgear/forgotpassword.aspx for my Netgear test account also using a Gmail address - email with recovery information was promptly delivered - automatically placed in the "Updates" area btw.


You did not had done some adjustments, like leaving a "." away, or adding one somewhere in the address used for the registration initially, or had added some postfix to the name ... everything possible on one Gmail account. Check your old mail for the initial registration, marketing emails, ... and see what exact email form might be registers.


If nothing helps some Netgear community moderator might be able to assist with the password recovery ... @Christian_R are you available for this?

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Re: My Netgear account - cannot reset

Hi Jason_K - If you're still experiencing the same issue I'd like to give a helping hand. If so, please send me a message with your email address.



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Re: My Netgear account - cannot reset

I am extremely frustrated with software for the RBR50 ORBI router I have.  I am stuck in a loop where it doesn't recognize the email address and password I have in the android app on my phone.  I cannot login to my router.

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Re: My Netgear account - cannot reset

After a few days I tired the reset password link again and I received the email finally. All is well. Thanks.
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