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Re: Netgear orbi satellite reboot option feature request


Netgear orbi satellite reboot option feature request



I have the orbi RBRE960 and have been using it for more than a year now.

I have found that is would be really useful to have an option to remotely restart the orbi satellites, it seems crazy that this option doesn't exist despite the fact that other mesh systems have it, and given the fact that you can restart the main router.


Not sure if this is the best place to post a feature request but happy to be pointed in the right direction.





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Re: Netgear orbi satellite reboot option feature request

he Netgear Orbi satellite reboot option is a critical aspect that users often find essential for optimal device management. While the current functionalities are robust, there are a few noteworthy feature requests that could further enhance the user experience.

  1. Scheduled Reboots: Implementing a scheduled reboot option would allow users to automate the process at specific intervals. This feature can be particularly beneficial for preventing potential performance issues over time and ensuring consistent network stability.

  2. Remote Reboot Capability: Enabling users to initiate a reboot remotely through the Orbi app or web interface would be a valuable addition. This feature could prove useful for users who need to troubleshoot or optimize their network while away from home.

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Re: Netgear orbi satellite reboot option feature request

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Re: Netgear orbi satellite reboot option feature request

Reboots are something that should not be needed on a scheduled basis. If reboots are being done, then there is something wrong and the problem should be investigated. Wifi router systems are meant to be online 24/7 and working well. If reboots are needed frequency, means there is a problem that reboots are masking and not resolving. 


Users can reboot Orbi systems remotely from the Orbi app. Feature been there for a long time. 

Remote WEB UI access has been removed a few years back due to security concerns. NG recommends using Orbi app for remote access to some limited features which includes Rebooting the system.

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