Non-Satellite (phone) showing on network map


Non-Satellite (phone) showing on network map

I just installed my new Orbi RBR750.  It seems mostly just fine.  I am seeing an oddity on my network map.  It shows my two satellites hanging off the main unit with a nice green indicator.  Then it sometimes shows my desktop or phone labeled as a satellite with a magenta dot next to them.  Sometimes the fake satellite is there and sometimes not.  I don't know what this is trying to tell me.  


Any ideas?


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Re: Non-Satellite (phone) showing on network map

Hi BarrettJG, 


May you reinstal the Orbi app. Your mobile device may need to update to the latest Orbi app version.



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Re: Non-Satellite (phone) showing on network map

Thank you for the idea, but after deleting the app (which I had just installed the day the problem appeared and I posted this originally) the problem continues.  It seems to think my phone is a satellite which doesn't actually seem to impact anything other than looking very wrong and reducing my confidence in Netgear's software.

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