ORBI App saying incorrect password on login attempts - RBR10

As of this morning, my ORBI app was up and running fine (RBR10 router with 3 satellites).  Around lunch time, i was prompted to enter my "admin" password, which was changed from default on intial set-up.  Every time I try to enter in the correct password, I get an invalid message until I receive an error notification for too many log-in attempts.


I have tried deleting and redownloading the iOS app through the App store multiple times to no avail, and receive the same issue each time i try to enter the password.  I cannot log into the router on a web-browser, as i simply get a 500 and 404 error once i close the pop-up about parental controls for web browsing.


Any help would be incredibly appreciated, as I would like to avoid resetting the router to factory defaults.

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Re: ORBI App saying incorrect password on login attempts - RBR10

Hi Nick__,


You may want to reboot your router and/or factory reset and run through the setup assistant again. A factory reset will bring the admin credentials back to the default credentials. 



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