Orbi App Not Operational


Orbi App Not Operational

I've updated my password SEVERAL times (why can't my pw be ANYTHING I've used in the past? How many pws do you think I have?!) but I cannot log into the Orbi App: "An Error has occured; please try again". This has been about a month of me trying to sign in via Facebook, via email and password, email with a changed password, etc. Today (5/6/2019) I downloaded the Nighthawk app (I don't have one, but I wanted to test my email and password). HOLY CRAP GUESS WHAT?! I signed in without a single problem. Tried the same password and email on the orbi app and I still have an error. Anyone know why I can't use the Orbi app any more?



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Re: Orbi App Not Operational

I’m having exactly the same issue after updating to new iOS Orbi app. But my login for the forums worked fine....


What’s going in Netgear.....?

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