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Orbi App Observations

(Disregard the Model as -- oddly enough, the Orbi Model AC3000 (RBR50) does not show up in the dropdown list for the Orbi App.)


I am using the Orbi App  on an AC3000 Orbi RBR50 with 2 x RBS50s.  Firmware on those are v2.2.1.210


The app is running on an android (Samsung Galaxy Note 9) with all current updates under Sprint


A few observations of issues for my setup and what seems to be working:


Issue #1:  Connecting Remotely Does Not Appear to work


  • Remote Management is enabled in the submenu
  • The app has no issue connecting Locally. 
  • When it connects, doing so, it shows the "Your Products" with the RBR50 in a green status
  • The app will NOT connect remotely from an external IP address. 
  • When it tries to connect, it shows the RBR50 under "Your Products" (with the serial number) with a RED status and will not connect further.

Any ideas on how to make the app connect remotely under my setup?  Has anyone else seen this app behavior?


Issue #2:  Network map does not list devices attached to router or satellites


  • The app shows the network map properly.  
  • In my case, I have both satelites hard wired backhaul to the RBR50.
  • The lines that it shows are solid indicating wired
  • When I originally had them wireless backhaul, the lines rendered as dashes which I presume indicates wireless backhaul
  • You can refresh the network map all day long, but it will never show the connected devices if you tap on the router or the satelites in the network map.
  • Devices DO show up in the "Device List" menu
  • Details of the router and satelites are available from the network map.  (just not devices)

Does anyone else have issues seeing devices that are connected through satelites or the router from the network map page?


Issue #3:  Link to Circle does not show device IP address -- and renders MAC address in a funky font/positioning

  • When using Circle, under the Orbi App Parental Controls... It does link properly to the Circle app, however the Circle app doesnt appear to render device information properly... specifically the MAC address...
  • The MAC address is in an odd looking font and positioning.
  • The Circle App does NOT show the device IP address which is I would think should be available. 


Does anyone else see that behavior of not showing the IP and misformatting of the MAC address?


Issue #4:  Notification icon (Bell) in top right corner of app

  • I have not seen any notifications (ever) on this app.

Has anyone ever received a Notification through the bell icon?  What type of notifications are supposed to appear there?


Things That DO work properly in the Orbi App:

  • WiFi Settings
  • Device List (from main menu)
  • Guest Wifi Controls
  • Internet Speed testing (and retaining history)
  • Traffic Meter (and retaining history)

Sidenote Reference the House Icon in top Left:  

  •  In top left corner, there is a House Icon with a circle around it.
  • The menu that appears when clicking on it appears to be a bit redundant IMHO. 
  • Why wouldnt those submenus be part of the main app submenus?  Some of them do precisely the same function as the "Tile menus" on the main app page.




My Equipment: Cox Cable (350Mb/35Mb), Orbi AX6000 (RBR850, 3 x RBS850) (2xWired backhaul), NG GS116PP Gigabit Smart Switch, Synology DS1019+ NAS
Model: R7900|Nighthawk X6 AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi Router
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Re: Orbi App Observations

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