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Orbi App adminpassword


Orbi App adminpassword

On the Orbi app, I'm trying to login to my Orbi.

It says login with your admin credentials to manage Orbi settings

The username shows   "admin"

Where do I find the password?

I've tried my account password and the Wifi network password on the router. 

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Re: Orbi App adminpassword

When the Orbi came from the factory, the web login credentials were "admin" and "password". During the initial setup, the user is made to change the password to some other value.  If this new password was not recorded there are two options:

  • When an incorrect password is entered three times in a row, a Password Recovery option is provided where the user can enter the router serial number and answer some security questions that were supposed to have been defined during the original setup.  If those were not defined or the responses do not match exactly, then the only other option is to perform a Factory Reset.
  • A Factory Reset will erase all user defined router settings and return the credentials to "admin" and "password". The user can then log in and configure the system.
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