Orbi App missing "DELETE THIS DEVICE" option


Orbi App missing "DELETE THIS DEVICE" option

I have the RBK753 system & I'm trying to remove devices that are no longer in use but the "DELETE THIS DEVICE" option is missing when I select the device. The option appears for other devices but not all. It doesn't matter if the device is online or offline. I'm using the Android Orbi App (v2.13.1.1868) on a Google Pixel 4 running Android OS 12 (build SQ1A.211205.008). Please see attached images showing the issue. I found a post from earlier this year with no resolution & was closed due to no activity so I'm asking again. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Re: Orbi App missing "DELETE THIS DEVICE" option

Here's a screenshot of an online device that's also missing the "DELETE THIS DEVICE" option.
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Re: Orbi App missing "DELETE THIS DEVICE" option

(I have never found any sort of User Guide to the Orbi app on line.  In this day of 'apps', perhaps manuals are seen as obsolete and unnecessary.  So, having nothing to reference....)


I sense that the Orbi app has changed over time.  At one time, the app said I had 127 devices, and most of them were things that had been connected to the Orbi at one time or another, but have since gone away.  There were two ways to remove them: (1) use the 'Delete' button on the app, or (2) go into the web interface and remove them from the "Previously Allowed Devices that are not connected table in the Acess Control page.  Orbi remembers every device that has ever been connected just in case they show up again and the user has turned on the Acess Control setting to forbid 'new' devices from connecting.  (It may have last been seen two years ago, but it is not 'new'.)


What I observe is that the Orbi app now shows only items that are connected.  (wait for it...)

It is logically not possible to 'forget' something that is connected to the Orbi.  What... show a blob that says IP 192.168.1.x is a "forgotten thing"?  If it is connected, it cannot be forgotten.


Now... what about something that is not connected????  My Orbi does not have Bitdefender Armor activated.  (Never has been activated.)  I just now disconnected a TP-LInk light bulb I had been testing, and it does not show on the Orbi app.  Gone.


My hypothesis is that Armor needs to 'remember' devices that it has been charged to protect or monitor (or whatever).  The way to test the hypothesis would be to turn on Armor, and I'm not going to do that.  I also do not know if there is any practical way to turn Armor off for a test and then back on again.


So, my position is that 'Delete' is no longer relevant on the app because the app shows only connected things that cannot be made to disappear as long as they are connected.  and that Armor may be causing devices to remain on the App when they are not connected.


As usual... my opinion is worth only the paper it is printed on.... Oh, dear.  Zero paper!



I love my Orbi.
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Re: Orbi App missing "DELETE THIS DEVICE" option

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll see if I can use the Access Control option in the Web GUI.
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