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Orbi app not sending two step verification


Orbi app not sending two step verification

I have an Orbi whole home system with a router and two satellites. Recently, I noticed that when I went into my phone app to check on connectivity, that I was logged out of the app. I tried logging back in and when I get to the two-step verification and select the method (text code), it checks the selection but then the app is unresponsive. It will not let me submit and send the text.
Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Orbi app not sending two step verification

Hi gpn71, 


Are you able to log into the Nighthawk app? If so, you may go to the home icon and tap account management to update the primary phone number.



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Re: Orbi app not sending two step verification

Hi Netgear,

Why doesn't SMS verification for 2FA work? My phone number is entered and it is correct - but when I click on the SMS option the Orbi iOS app does NOT move to the next step where it asks you to enter the code. The blue button does nothing unless I choose the e-mail option.

The second I chose e-mail it immediately takes me to the next page where I can enter the verification code. I'm glad there's 2FA but SMS would be easier.

Others have asked the same question as well.

Is SMS verification simply not supported? Or has it been disabled because it's not as secure? SMS is more convenient and a lot quicker hence my question.
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Re: Orbi app not sending two step verification

SMS 2FA is better than nothing, but a lot less secure than other options, because of SIM hijacking and social engineering.  Best is a hardware key (Yubikey, Google Titan etc.) if the app supports it.  Authinticator apps like Authy, Google or Microsoft authenticator are also good.


I'd vote for NG to start supporting those better 2FA methods.

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