Orbi app not showing all connected devices


Orbi app not showing all connected devices

After upgrading the firmware on my orbi 753 router, the orbi app no longer shows all of the connected devices. Also, it shows all devices connected to the main router and none to the satellites, even when some devices are right next to a satellite, nor does it show any device connected to a satellite with an ethernet cord.
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Re: Orbi app not showing all connected devices

How the Orbi "app" displays (or fails to display) connected devices is a frequent subject of posts on the forum.  There seem to be only three choices:

  1. "Live with it" and hope that someday a future firmware release will solve things.  I enjoy looking at "what's connected?", but honestly it is not all that critical unless there is a problem that I need to address.
  2. Do a Factory Reset and configure the router again.  Depending on how much has been done to customize the system, this can be quite tedious and most people consider it "the last resort".
  3. Download the previous firmware from the Netgear support site and manually install it on the router.  This could take less time.
    (and, perhaps, then do the Factory Reset and configuration on the older firmware if older firmware did not "fix it". And, there's that time again.)

Does the Orbi web interface "Attached Devices" display devices correctly?

I love my Orbi.
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