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Re: Orbi app not working on device with IOS 14.


Orbi app not working on device with IOS 14.

I posted about this earlier today and cannot find the post to make adsional comments. I got a suggestion from   Stev3D (Luminary)  Who made the following suggestion:

The option to toggle on Local Network access was not available (visible) to me (both iPhone and iPad), and removing multiple Netgear apps was necessary (perhaps among other things -- see my note earlier in the thread) to get that ability back.  I suspect that either the Netgear genie or Nighthawk apps (or both) share a common codebase with the Orbi app, and that they are representing themselves in a way to iOS that isn't fully unique -- so the operating system thinks it has granted access already and that the Orbi app is not given the opportunity to make its own request.


I deleted the NightHawk app, restarted the iPad and, behold, the Orbi app is working now. It asked me if I wanted to connect to local networks so it could make the proper connection. Evidently Stev3D was right. Thank you very much.


now we need the phone support people to know this.

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Re: Orbi app not working on device with IOS 14.

Hello Elfnash, 


We released Orbi app version for iOS. May you reinstall and/or update the Orbi app on your mobile device. 


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