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Orbi app notifications


Orbi app notifications

I have an iPhone running the latest firmware. I am not receiving notifications from the orbi app even though I have notifications set to on. My wife does receive the notifications on her iPhone. I checked her app settings and mine are set the same, still no notifications for my phone.
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Re: Orbi app notifications

Have you deleted the Orbi app on your iPhone, rebooted then reinstalled the app?

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Re: Orbi app notifications

App has been deleted numerous times but can’t seem to work, it did work at the start and just stopped, I will be resetting the whole system on my return to see if that makes a difference.
Failing that I will look at the VPN route and if it can be controlled that way.
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Re: Orbi app notifications

VPN will not produce any notifications:

  • It is unlikely that the iPhone will have VPN running constantly.
  • The Orbi web interface does not have a notification feature.
  • Some features, such as Armor and Parental Controls are accessed only with the Orbi 'app'

However, VPN is very useful so some users because there are so many Orbi features that cannot be accessed with the app.


VPN is tricky to get working, but is very stable once it is working.  Since the web interface does not work well on a tiny phone screen, I open a Hot Spot on my phone, then connect a laptop or tablet to the Hot Spot and run VPN from that device.

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Re: Orbi app notifications

The only thing that I can think of is not all the app support files get removed when the app is deleted. It sounds like it's grabbing onto residual data files. I'm on Android for Phone and Tablets and when we have issues like this, although severely few, when removing for re-installation of apps as a trouble shooting step, I have found not all the "support files" get deleted. In the mostly feeble hope that you be back and when you reinstall the app the residual files make it like you never left. I use a third-party removal app or other apps that do maintenance of file management that have App Removal options. So the only way to really clean out an app is NOT to use any iOS or App related removal option or procedure. It won't remove ALL the files. And as we know Apple likes to make it easy for us to recover, only in certain ($) aspects but not the important ones, personal data. So they are notorious for retaining residual parts of previously installed apps. If at all possible, try to find a third-party removal option to make sure that everything related to the app is totally gone. Android it not as **bleep** retentive as Apple about residual files. It's the Developer that usually feels you'll be back.


On my Macs, all my Laptops and Desktop are Macs, I use AppZapper that not only finds all the files, but will show you their locations for manual removal or verification that the files were actually removed. If you could come up with something like that and try to get ALL the support/residual files cleared out.


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