Orbi iOS app and Device Management - Horrible


Orbi iOS app and Device Management - Horrible

One of the worst apps for device manipulation I've used.  On the new Orbi WiFi 6, the app is lacking Device Types and the Device Naming and Device Type (once chosen) don't always stick or refresh correctly.  These are the same issues that plague the app also on Orbi WiFi 5 but Orbi release an Orbi WiFi 5 firmware update that added more Device Type selection to the Orbi app and fixed issues with Device Names and Device Types not sticking once chosen.  It was so bad on WiFi 5 until this update, not great still bu better.


So, on Orbi WiFi 6, what happened to all of these Device Types?  For example, they don't match what's on the Web GUI where you get a LOT more Device Types to choose from.   But the Web GUI is even in a worse mess with respect to Device Type and Device Names sticking when chosen.  And, choosing a Device Type in the Web GUI that does not exist in the app will result in the boring Network Device type showing up on the app with that stupid icon they chose for Network Device.


Device manipulation, type and name should be very basic and it's always broken with Netgear.  They just don't understand how to make this work.  They should take a queue from Linksys as (on the Velop MX/WiFi6 system) you can choose from a plethora of Device Types that actually look like the devices you're choosing.  


And they should make it so updating devices on the iOS app and/or on the Web GUI sync between the two.  And where is Device manipulation fixed, on the app and/or on the router firmware?  


Brand new RBK853 system here and right off the bat Device Type and Device Naming is broken.  What a joke for what should be simple and is an essential part of any router.

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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