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We have successfully reset everything up after a house move and new broadband supplier but the admin page on app won’t let us log in.
Admin. Can’t be changed and won’t allow for new password set up get 404 error.
WIFi working great although won't download any app updates. Senses error 404 message.
Help please
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Re: RBR50

It sounds like a double-nat situation. when you  moved to a new broadband provider, did they set you up with a modem/router combo? What is the model and firmware of this device? If it is a combo device look through this thread: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Orbi/Orbi-RBR50-404-Not-Found/td-p/1665348

It walks through setting someone with a combo device up and has lots of valuable info on a novice being walked though this. its not all important but there's a lot of good information in the thread.

If it is a combo device your options are:

1. Leave the device as is and switch your Orbi to AP mode.

2. On the provided device, turn on bridged mode/modem only mode. Best way to do this is contact your provider and have them walk you through how to set their device in this mode.


If its not a combo device and is a modem only device, I'd first try resetting your Orbi to remove any old settings from prior provider. Then starting fresh, have all devices off, turn on modem, wait a couple minutes for it to fully initialized and connect, then boot the Orbi and set it up new. 


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