Redesigned Armor dashboard in Orbi App for iOS


Redesigned Armor dashboard in Orbi App for iOS

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Orbi App - Armor users, beware. Don't update the Orbi App on iOS if you haven't already done so.


The older app version had many faults, the worst of which were with the Armor device list and the vulnerability scan scheduling, but at least it did display every device which was connected to the Orbi network.


The latest Orbi App, v2.4.10.9 recently released for iOS has a totally redesigned Armor dashboard.

This new layout is difficult to navigate, there is no user guide to help.

The Armor dashboard does NOT display any device where Bitdefender security cannot be installed. Therefore, my printer and my IOT devices are no longer shown as protected by Armor.

The Armor page in the old app and on the web browser version, both included all 9 devices which had ever connected to my Orbi network. This new Armor dashboard only shows my Windows10 desktop PC as protected becasue Bitdefender Totral Security is installed on that PC, my 2 iOS devices are displayed in the box that says "Bitdefender Security Available" but since Bitdefender is not installed, Armor suggests they are not protected and thus vulnerability scan reports are not shown for these devices. In fact I'm not sure if scan reports are shown for any device, certainly, the dashboard no longer shows the date when the last vulnerability scan was run on my devices.


The Orbi app raised an iPhone notification popup message to let me know a vulnerability scan had just completed. When I viewed the Notification tab in the Orbi App, the new notification was NOT displayed.

However, when I viewed the Armor web page : on my desktop PC browser to view notifications, the new message was displayed in that list. So this is yet another new bug in the Orbi App - New notifications related to the Armor dashboard are no longer included in the Orbi App main page - Notifications list


Therefore, Netgear should pull this latest App release from the App Store, IT DOES NOT WORK

Also, I understand that since this app demands access to Location Services, this breaks the rules for inclusion on the App Store, so because of both these serious flaws, the old version of the Orbi App should be restored so that we can revert to the old version until you correct all the serious bugs and retest all functions in the new app before you try to release it again.

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Re: Redesigned Armor dashboard in Orbi App for iOS

@ChristineT  please.

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