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Re: iOS 14


Re: iOS 14

@GY84 , I have two thoughts:  


(1) Make sure your router is at the most current version of the firmware (its operating system).  Don't just use the the built-in firmware checker (sometimes it misses it).  Instead, go to the product page and hit to the blue Downloads button.  For example, for my Orbi, the page is:


You might find it easier to replace "RBK50" with your device's model number to see your model's particular page.


(2) If a firmware update isn't going to do it for you, you might consider performing a backup of your configuration followed by factory reset of your router and (a) restore it from the backup, and if that doesn't work, (b) do another reset and build back the configuration manually.  I hate suggesting that (factory reset is a list resort), but that may be necessary.

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