orbi android app log-in time-out error


orbi android app log-in time-out error

The Orbi app used to work fine on my galaxy phone.  Now when I try to log-in, I get a message that the log-in timed out.  It says to reboot the phone if this persists.  I have rebooted the phone twice and removed and re-installed the app (version 4.1).  Same thing keeps happening. How do I fix this?

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Re: orbi android app log-in time-out error

You cannot fix it.  The current Android Orbi app is broken. There have been dozens of reports on the forum and a Netgear moderator stated that a new version is "coming soon."


Meanwhile, customers who need to access Parental Controls or Armor are SOL.  The web browser interface is unaffected, so the router can be managed using web access which provides WAY more options than the app, except for those two features which cannot be managed via the web.

I love my Orbi.
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Re: orbi android app log-in time-out error

I called support a little more than a week ago and while the agent did not immediately recognize this as a widespread problem, when he came back on the line he said it was and an app update would be available sometime between November 12 and 16. Today is the 15th, nothing so far.

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