Bell LBR20 Orbi LTE Tri-Band Fixed DNS


Bell LBR20 Orbi LTE Tri-Band Fixed DNS



Bought this router for work, and want to use a DNS firewall service like Cisco Umbrella or CIRA DNS Firewall.  However, the modem does not allow you to set fixed DNS unless you set a fixed IP address.  Bell charges $10 per month for a fixed IP address and I need more than one of these routers.  That charge would be on top of the charge from Cisco or CIRA, etc.  You cannot even use free OpenDNS on it or any preferred DNS.  Apparently other Orbi's allow this.  Trying to find out if this is specific to the Bell model or not?


Should be an enhancement request as changing the DNS is a pretty basic function and I have done this on many other vendors models in the past for years.  My company uses thousands of mobile modems so a fixed IP for each of them is a huge monthly bill.  So likely will buy a different brand.



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