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Re: 2.4G Channel Selection on Orbi Pro


2.4G Channel Selection on Orbi Pro

Is manual selection of the channel in 2.4G only available for Wireless 1 SSID? 
It appears under those settings, but in Wireless 2 there is no option (or mention) for that 


Or does whatever you apply in Wireless 1 in that regard apply universally across the others (even though it looks specific to the Wireless 1 SSID)?


It's kinda weird - with Wireless 1 it looks like you have option for channel selection while on Wireless 2 you have ability to separate the 2.4/5 under unique SSIDs - but not both options on both Wireless options 


My problem is I have some of my Smart Home devices that appear to be picky about automatic channel selection (some battery devices that do not broadcast continuously) and currently everything on my Smart Home Network is assigned to Wireless 2 ........ 
I suppose the shortest way around this would be to change my Wireless 1 SSID to that currently being used by Wireless 2 and vice-versa? I have over 50 Smart Devices so reluctant to start all over! 

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Re: 2.4G Channel Selection on Orbi Pro

The Radios can only run on one selection of channels at a time. So even if you have multiple VLANs running those VLANs/SSIDs will be on the same channel. That is why on Wireless 1 page has that setting as it's the "Admin"/Private LAN page. It applies to the rest as well. 

The only thing the VLAN does it seperate out the traffic with a different subnet so that the clients can't see across VLANs if configured that way.

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